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What's It Worth To You? ā€“ Do It Yourself, Without Going It Alone.
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What’s It Worth To You?

It's your website...YOU name the price!

If you want a website for your business or your on-the-side idea, but something's holding you back, today just might be your day.

Submit Your Request.

About the “WIWTY” Project:

Get your website off the ground, at a cost that makes sense to you. "What's It Worth To You?" is a program designed to help you do it.

When you host your own website, you don't have to conform to limitations that most of the "quick and easy" platforms impose on your business.

But hosting your own website requires quite a bit of knowledge that takes time to acquire. And mistakes during the DIY learning process often can cost you a lot of money.

With WIWTY, you'll skip the learning curves and the tedious foundational necessities which many people don't figure out until it's too late (like site security).

I'll do that foundational work for you, so you can jump right into the business of doing business online.

Here's the long and the short of it:

Six years ago, I launched the "What's It Worth To You?" project for the first time. The project ran for more than two years, and I fulfilled many varied requests, before I closed it down.

Today, Iā€™m relaunching the WIWTY project.

You have ideas and dreams.

You have products to promote, knowledge to share, and businesses to develop.

I want to help you. You name the price.

How It Works:

TL;DR? Here's the short version...

1. Choose Your Package(s)

There are three WIWTY packages to choose from: initial site setup, ongoing updates, and a support group.

2. Name Your Price

That's right! It's your tell me what it's worth to you.

3. Submit Your Request

Once you've decided which packages you need, click on a "Submit Your Request" button to get started.

Choose From 3 Packages:

(Not sure which package(s) to choose? Feel free to ask questions (click here)...I'll help you figure it out!)