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Group FAQs:

What kinds of questions will you answer within the group?

That's a good question.

I'll answer pretty much any question that I can, either with my own explanation, or by referring you to outside sources that have already done a thorough job answering the question. Sometimes, I may do both. (Perhaps it's an opinion-based question and I'll want to show you more than one side so you can make an informed decision. Or maybe there's already solid information out there, but I'll need to add a little extra, for clarity).

That said, I'm hoping that the group will really foster beginners. So if you're looking to join for help with more advanced topics (plugin development, for example), that's not this group. I want as many of the questions asked to benefit as many of the group members as possible. If we delve too deeply into advanced waters, I'm afraid we'll lose my intended audience :).

What makes WIWTY Group different from a free Facebook group?

Size, for one. I run a few Facebook groups, and I'm a member of many others. The most fun that I had doing it was early on, when groups first started. All of the groups are thousands-strong now. But back when we had about 200 people, we really all had a chance to get to know each other (as well as you can, through keyboard). Once my first group hit 250, it lost some of its intimate appeal.

Personal attention, for two. Don't get me wrong, I love the group capabilities in Facebook. It's really the only reason I use the platform at all. There's a lot to learn, no matter where you are in the learning process, and there are a lot of people willing to share their knowledge. But so often, answers are really incomplete. The question asked might be addressed, but the backstory and context isn't always included.

In that early group, my answers to questions were basically mini-tutorials. It was fun for me, and really useful for newbies who didn't know what they didn't know, so they didn't know what to ask. But Facebook groups are free. Nobody can put that kind of effort into helping you that thoroughly for free, forever. I did it for about 6 years before I had to come up for air. And it was really exhausting! Plus, we're all busy. With this group, part of my "busy" will BE this group.

Here are a few real-life examples to illustrate what I mean. In my Inner Circle (a paid group that isn't accepting new members now) I was asked the following:

"I have been looking for a plugin that will allow me to add code to the header of a page or post or event on my site. I found one that would do it for every page, but I need some pages to have different codes...Maybe you know a plugin that allows code to be added per page?"

That resulted in an 8-page "eBook Answer" pictorial to show him how to do it for himself.

I was asked how to customize the style of forms on a website. That resulted in an 8-page "eBook Answer," too.

I was asked how to create proposals that sell without being sales-y. That ended up being a 39-page eBook answer.

And a question about creating circular buttons that change when the mouse hovered over them ended up being a 300-page CSS primer.

You can't get that kind of attention in a free Facebook group. Not because there aren't people there who are capable of providing the help, and would love to. But because there just aren't that many hours in a day to work for free. In my first group I tried...for years :).

What types of information might I expect from the tutorials, eBooks, and guides in this group?

I am working on a couple of projects and planning for a few more. You'll have access to each piece of the project as I complete it along the way.

For example, that CSS primer that I mentioned above was written specifically for my Inner Circle group a couple of years ago. I'm going to dust it off and update it (most of it remains the same, but some tools have changed, for example). While I'm doing that, it'll be available in the group. When I'm done, it'll disappear from the group and go up for sale.

But only time will tell exactly what will become available! Just as I illustrated in the few examples I gave in the previous question, your questions will certainly help to influence the direction of my guides.

One major caveat, of course. I can't just download information from my brain. I wish I could, believe me! But getting it all out and explained in a coherent manner takes time. So I can't promise that I'll be able to thoroughly explain exactly what you want to know at the time that you most want to know it. I'll do my best, but that's where the one-on-one guidance and "Can you just...?" snippet service parts of this group will come in handy for you!

Where’s the line between one-on-one guidance as part of the group, and “Can you just…?” snippet service as an added extra? It seems a little vague.

Honestly, I don't know. This'll have to be a "we'll see" thing, guided by practicality and (in part) by luck of the draw.

If you ask me how to do something that would benefit a lot of people, I'll either write a detailed "how to" guide, or do it for you and use your project as a case study. But if you ask me something I've already covered, the do-it-for you part will be off the table unless you use the "Can you just...?" snippet service.

If you ask me something that's complicated to explain because it requires a lot of backstory and context explanation, and I don't have time to teach you in a timely manner, I may do it for you. If it's complicated because it's a lot of work and will take a long time to implement, it would be a snippet service request.

I'm sorry that I can't answer this more precisely, but I just can't anticipate what you'll ask. It'll be a gut thing, I'm afraid. But the short version is probably: if it benefits the whole group for me to help you, I'll help you. If it benefits only you, it's a snippet service request.

I hope that makes sense!

Do I have to buy another WIWTY package to be a WIWTY group member?

Nope! I'd love to have you join the group, whether you need/want the Jumpstart or Maintenance packages or not.

Also, one of my current projects is a very comprehensive tutorial series for beginners. It's not ready to roll yet, but you can sign up here to be notified when it is:

(Incidentally, I'll be debuting the tutorials inside of WIWTY group as I write them, so you'll be able to get them there, first. (More details on how that works on the Group page.)

Also, I've explained some of my favorite DIY WordPress tools on this page. Feel free to take a look.

Do you have another question? I have an answer!

For a full list of FAQs (including the other WIWTY packages), please click here. If you have a question or two about WIWTY Group before you get started, ask away!

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