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WIWTY Maintenance
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Maintenance FAQs:

Are hosting and domain registration included?

No, they're not.

WIWTY Maintenance is for site maintenance only. You're responsible for maintaining your domain name registration and web hosting. That said, if you're unhappy with your current host I'll definitely make a few recommendations for you. There's good, bad, and ugly in the hosting industry. I'll help you stay away from bad and ugly.

A site migration IS included with the WIWTY Maintenance offer. If you want to move away from your current host, when your Maintenance request is finalized, I'll surely help you with that.

I have a website on Can I hire you to maintain that?

Nope. takes care of the maintenance of sites hosted with them.

But if you're interested in the flexibility of a self-hosted WordPress site, I can certainly help you with that. You'd need to start with the Jumpstart package. I'll get your site foundation set up for you, we'll import your current posts and pages (unless you don't want them), you can choose a new theme, and you'll be off and running with your self-hosted site!

Once you have a self-hosted WordPress site, WIWTY Maintenance is here for you :). If you'd like help keeping your new self-hosted site backed up and updated, be sure to select the Jumpstart/Maintenance combo when you put in your request. You'll get a few great bonuses as well (access to a point-and-click theme, and a drag-and-drop page builder, for example).

And if you'd like a support system/some guidance as you're learning the ropes of self-hosted WordPress, you might consider some time in WIWTY Group as well.

Will you do development work for me as part of the maintenance package?

Not at this time. I may add that option later, but for now, WIWTY maintenance is just about keeping your site as secure as possible, backed up, and updated, and helping you to recover if something goes wrong anyway.

However, if you'd like the option of ongoing development help and one-off jobs, you might consider joining the WIWTY Group. Members of WIWTY Group will have access to a "Can you just...?" snippet service. If you need design and development help with your site, that would be a good place to start. And the group in general will be great for most "how do I?" and "what should I?" questions you may have along the way.

Can I get a refund?

Just like the WIWTY Jumpstart, keeping your site updated and backed up isn't subjective, it's objective. You can't not like your backup :).

When the work of updating your site is done, it's done. Until the next time that it needs to be done again!

So, there are no refunds. But you can cancel any time. You'll have a contact form inside of your WIWTY Maintenance membership area. If you want to cancel, let me know and I'll stop your Maintenance plan before the next payment is processed.

Do you have another question? I have an answer!

For a full list of FAQs (including the other WIWTY packages), please click here. If you have a question or two about WIWTY Maintenance before you get started, ask away!

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